New addition to our Food Service list.

Ioniki’s R&D department create 2 new Greek authentic sweet flavors so to excite all tourists that they love Greek breakfast .

  • Bread stick praline

Stands out for its perfect fasting dough, the fine praline on the filling and the topping of crispy hazelnuts are aiming to hype up the taste.


  • Wholegrain croissant with honey

Inspired by the Greek hospitality and the Greek flavors, the Greek healthy breakfast is ready to taste it . It combines unique filling with the Greek “gold” superfood. The nutrients of honey & wholegrain dough make the favorite healthy snack.


The tasty side of Vegan Nutrition!

The latest global trend in nutrition is Vegan and Ioniki responds immediately by offering 2 new unique products.

  • Vegan Puff pastry with Cheese
  • Vegan Puff pastry with Sausage

These new products for food service category come to complete an already large variaty of products that exceed 300! Choices that do not give in to taste and will confuse even the tasters!

The tasty side of Vegan Nutrition!

Looking for grandmama’s recipes? Looking for Ioniki!

The new Food Service Traditional Pies just arrived and they will amaze you with their authentic ®taste, the crispy filo pastry and the unique aroma.

  • Traditional Mediterranean Pie
  • Traditional Pie with Chicken, Bacon and Parmesan
  • Traditional Pie with 4 Cheeses

We use only the best ingredients such as Feta P.D.O., Olives from Kalamata, large chicken pieces, real smoked bacon, Kefalotyri from Larissa and Kaseri from Mytilene!

Ioniki provides you with products & recipes that are unique!

Η Ioniki ανταμώνει την παράδοση!

Love is to act!

With great emotion we received a letter of thanks from the Holy Diocese of Neapolis & Stavroupolis for offering products. We continue to support vulnerable communities, even under these difficult circumstances.

Αγάπη είναι οι πράξεις!

The reward came from far away!

Through the email sent to us by Filosophy's "brand ambassador" in Australia Natalie Swann, we need to understand how important is to listen our customers and partners.

She politely asked us to stop using Palm Oil in our products… a simple comment from someone far away in Australia, which we listened to and took seriously.

We have customized our recipes, changed the procedures to meet the request and as a result we have received the following message, which honors all those who work at Ioniki and are part of the Filo Friends

Η επιβράβευση ήρθε από πολύ μακριά!

Bougatsa with Minced Meat in exclusive collaboration with Beyond Meat

Wonderful thin pastry that wraps the plant-based minced meat of Beyond Meat, vegetable mayonnaise, mustard, mint, black pepper, creating an amazing taste that has nothing less from real meat.

At the same time, contains high level of proteins that exceeds 16g and edible fibers that reach 5.7g fill you with energy!

Μπουγάτσα με Κιμά 400γρ σε αποκλειστική συνεργασία με την Beyond Meat

Global Cooperation!

Ioniki is a pioneer by signing an agreement with Beyond Meat, the world leader in plant-based meat characterized by the absence of soya.

The agreement will immediately create new plant-based products that a few years ago we could not imagine their existence! The new collaboration gives a tremendous boost to Spitiki Zymi as the certified procedures we follow at all stages of production chain meet the high quality elements that Beyond - Meat imposes on its partners around the world.

Παγκόσμια Συνεργασία!

The planet has never seen such a delicious pie!

The reason for the new handmade pie with Cretan Graviera.

We chose the best graviera from Crete by Kalogeraki’s company and as we do in our handmade pies, we put the best materials together with our art to offer another great product!

Πίτα τόσο νόστιμη δεν είδε ο πλανήτης!

We hear you even better!

Ioniki proceeded in a symbolic and very important move, to protect the "Filo Friens". In collaboration with the otolaryngologist Mrs. Pavlidou Aikaterini, hearing tests were planned for the production staff so that we can be sure of our hearing ability.

The tests were performed using the latest measurement methods, with reliable devices that ensure the validity of the results.
The cost of tests were fully covered by Ioniki.

Σας ακούμε καλύτερα!

Recycling > 100 tones

Recycling for Ioniki is part of our daily routine and the way we contribute to reduce the use of natural resources!

For 2019, the Hellenic Utilization-Recycling Company SA confirmed that Ioniki recycled more than 100 tones of paper and plastic and we are proud of our achievement!

Recycling > 100 tones

International Friendship Day

We celebrate International Friendship Day.
Our commitment for over 30 years now is to build and keep long-term relationships with partners, suppliers, colleagues…leading to mutual understanding and Friendship.
Our five core values on how we make things happen here in Ioniki ​​are:

  • Hard – Working: Working hard is our basic attribute. We are working smart too. This is a winning combination which puts us ahead of the competition.
  • Respect: Our respect goes to all, the team, our partners, and our customers. This is how we built and develop trust in our relationships.
  • Entrepreneurship: We have a well-rounded Entrepreneurship approach which reflects our business dynamics.
  • Flexibility: Being flexible brings us closer to our targets. This is how we accelerate our ongoing development and progress.
  • Frankness: Being Frank is our chosen communication style. Simplicity is our chosen strategic choice.

Our Values are part of our culture and they are our compass in our people-centered philosophy.

International Friendship Day

We work for our Society

Thank you letters from the Social Grocery of the Municipality of Delta and the Municipality of Nikolaos Skoufa are added to a large list of foundations that Ioniki supports all over Greece.

We stay focused to our vision of creating a better society, we try every day to strengthen vulnerable groups. We have lot of work to do.

Ενισχύουμε το κοινωνικό μας έργο

Products Upgrade

At Ioniki we monitor the habits of consumers and act immediately by offering solutions to our customers that will strengthen them against the competition.
Our R&D department upgraded

  • Puff pastry with Kaseri 
  • Puff pastry with Ham, Kaseri and Fresh Tomato sauce.

The new premium shape and the use of milk in the puff pastry renewed the external appearance of the products while the use of superior quality materials in the filling such as traditional Mytilene cheese, Mozzarella and a tasteful piece of ham are making them even more delicious.
New products are available at the moment!

Products Upgrade

Ioniki… almost 30!

Ioniki was founded in 1991 at Ionia, Thessaloniki as a small unit that produced frozen pies and employed 7 people.

The facilities at that time were limited to 500 sq.m. with a small range of products.

Over the years new products, new people, new customers from all over the world and of course new facilities were added.

The once small unit developed into an industry that exceeds 5,000 sq.m. with state-of-the-art technical equipment and the images are here to prove it!

Ioniki… Φτάνοντας τα 30!

Ioniki Supports "Filo Friends"

Ioniki took immediate decisions to strengthen and stimulate its human resources, under the unprecedented global conditions caused by the coronavirus pandemic and in doing so, is supporting the "Filo Friends."

In this context, as announced by Ioniki, it was decided to pay its employees' Easter gift earlier than any previous year, regardless of whether employees contracts were suspended or not. In addition, free boxes with Ioniki products were offered in all three places where the company owns facilities (Thessaloniki, Athens and Crete).

The CEO, Mr. George Portokalidis, in a letter to the staff, thanked them for their dedication and adaptability to the new and difficult conditions and wished that the "adventure" would end soon so that all could return, healthy and strong, to normal operations.

Η Ioniki στηρίζει την «Παρέα των Φύλλων»

250 free coronavirus tests

Ioniki Sfoliata SA, based in Thessaloniki offers 250 free coronavirus tests.

According to a relevant report, the decision was taken by the Board of Directors of Ioniki in the framework of a coordinated plan for the support of Greek society and the protection of public health.

"Despite the difficult conditions that prevail due to the high demand worldwide, the Covid-19 diagnostic tests were delivered in time to the Greek State to strengthen our country's first line of defense," the company pointed out.

Προσφορά 250 τεστ κορωνοϊού

Better & Faster!

Ioniki made serious changes at logistic facilities for even better and faster client service! As part of the reconstructing, a new entrance for trucks was created. Now we can service 2 large vehicles at the same time, reducing the loading time even more!

Also, the extension in the warehouse section was designed to facilitate the loading of EX-VANs and at the same time to increase the storage capacity of the warehouse facilities.

After the last changes we are ready to serve even more partners in less time! Well Done!

Γρηγορότερα & Ταχύτερα!

Our new Offices!

Ioniki's new offices in Thessaloniki are impressive, literally shiny, enhancing psychology & performance, creating quality spaces for employees.

This very important project was successfully completed a few days ago at Ioniki's headquarters.

The minimal aesthetics characterizes the space, with the predominant white color combined with offices in a natural tone of wood and green seats.

Γραφεία λουσμένα στο Φως!

Spitiki Zymi to the Galaxy!

A new collaboration for Spitiki Zymi started in April with Galaxias supermarkets.
As part of our new business strategy, we proceed to a new collaboration with the aim to expand the points of sale of Spitiki Zymi.
Galaxias super markets are added to our existing network that includes My Market, Market In, Discount Markt, Greek Market as well as other points of sale all over Greece.
The distribution of Spitiki Zymi products in the Galaxias supermarkets started in April at Athens, Thessaloniki and in selected locations.

Η Σπιτική Ζύμη και στον Γαλαξία!

Ioniki supports the "Chamogelo toy Paidiou" foundation

Ioniki supports the "Chamogelo toy Paidiou" foundation and the valuable work it does by protecting vulnerable social groups. Ioniki offered 60 boxes of products to meet the needs of the organization in the 11 houses where 300 children grow up.

Our little friends and their families will taste our unique flavors!

Η Ioniki δίπλα στο «Χαμόγελο του Παιδιού»

Training Day

In the new facilities of Ioniki, the Warehouse and Logistics departments were trained in the upgraded ERP system.

The seminar was organized by the IT department in collaboration with Entersoft. The seminar was about the new features of the program and how the involved departments will work faster and even better.

Our team is trained to offer the best possible service to the customer.


Spitiki Zymi is growing

A new collaboration started for Spitiki Zymi with its placement at super markets My Market.

Triangles with Katiki Domokou & Country Pie with Katiki Domokou will be available in 180 stores, raising the points of sale for Spitiki Zymi to more than 750 all over Greece.

Η Σπιτική Ζύμη αναπτύσσεται

New Food Service Catalogue

Ioniki's new Food Service catalogue has just arrived. It is distinguished by modern aesthetics, unique images that highlight the products, with all the useful information to complete the presentation.

Our partners will find smart tips for preservation and baking depending on the category of each product, special markings for the category of Vegans and the top in sales.

An important tool for our communication with our customers in the hands of Sales to maximize the result.

Νέος Κατάλογος FS