There’s something good about our filo!

We love filo at Ioniki. We love pies too. We serve over 2 million consumers daily across Greece and 35 more countries. There has to be something good about our filo, right?!

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Σφολιάτες και κρουασάν από ιονική
Πίτες και κρουασάν πάνω σε τραπέζι

We offer the modern professional over:

  • 300+ dough and puff pastry products
  • 12 product categories

Puff pastry, Thessaloniki bougatsa pie, Vegan, Greek traditional pies, croissants, handmade dough, pizzas, stuffed bagels, vegetarian choices, Ready2go. Sweet and savoury delicacies. it's your choice!

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Πίτες και κρουασάν ιονίκη
Σφολιάτες, μπουγάτσα Θεσσαλονίκης, χωριάτικες επιλογές, κρουασάν, χειροποίητες αρτοζύμες, πίτσες, κουλούρια γεμιστά σε τραπέζι

Ioniki means homemade

Pie means family, pie means home. To make a proper, traditional pie needs time, however. That's why we're here! It's not so convenient for the modern family to select the best ingredients, make filo, prepare fillings, try the recipe again and again improving it with each attempt. This is all our role! We do it, and we offer delicious pies at selected corners. But when it comes to testing the results we are as strict as the most traditional grandmother! That's why it's not a dilemma. Homemade and Ioniki are one and the same!

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Σπιτική ζύμη σφολιατακιά με τυρί, συσκευασία προϊόντος
Ioniki filosophy products
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Highest quality under your own brand for more than 20 years!

If you are not compromising on quality when you decide to launch a product under your own brand, we are ready to get in touch with you! We work with the biggest supermarket chains for their Private Label products for 20 years! Choose from a wide variety of food products, depending on the needs of your market or work with us to create new flavours and packaging.

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Πιτάκι σε πιάτο


We are the ambassadors of really good pies and similar products at all major exhibitions in Greece and abroad. We follow new trends and seek out knowledge of each market as well as from our partners, visitors and professionals in the food sector. This is how we prepare new, custom proposals and solutions for you!


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Mirbest Gastro Expo  Summer Fancy Food Show

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New product releases, innovations, business activities in the social, environmental and professional sector and participation in exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Everything is here! Have a look!

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Our products
travel all over the world
and we're proud when
the world talks about them!


Please advise where we can purchase your products in NYC.
We find them occasionally at AGATA & VALENTINA.

Thank you.
Love your products.


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Ioniki's various products
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Certified Excellence

With well-trained staff and the best raw ingredients, our production process is fully certified and follows the strictest quality controls.



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Our awards and distinctions

We are very proud of our awards! We have won many both in Greek and international competitions for the quality and innovation of our products! And will not stop here!

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Στριφτή πίτα και λογότυπα βραβείων της Ιονικής
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